Nigerian Newspapers Online

1. Nigerian Punch Newspaper

Nigerian Punch Newspaper
"Punch On The Web", or "Punch NG" are both identical Punch Nigerian newspapers online, publishing news on all aspects of life in Nigeria. They publish Nigerian national and local state news, business news, political news and sports news.

Nigerian Punch Newspaper also publish other African continent news covering news from other African countries not to mention world wide news. Click here for Nigerian Punch Newspaper Online.

2. Nigerian Guardian Newspaper

"Guardian News Ngr" or "Ngr Guardian News" are both one and the same with respect to news on Nigeria. Both are online Nigerian Guardian Newspaper online with a large presence. You'll get quick and easy access to both national and local Nigeria business and political latest news.

This online Nigerian newspaper also publishes general African and world news. You'll be able to gain access past news issues also very quickly. Click here for Nigerian Guardian Newspaper Online

Nigerian Guardian Newspaper

3. Nigerian Tribune Newspaper

Nigerian Tribune Newspaper
The Nigerian Tribune is the oldest surviving private newspaper in Nigeria. It was established in November, 1949 by one of Africa's foremost nationalists, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. Nigerian Tribune has been structured, since inception, to cater for the interest of the common people.

Nigerian Tribune newspaper see's it's goal as that of serving it's readers, and their dear nation better by continuing to be the Voice of the Voiceless. Click here to read Nigerian Tribune online.

4. Nigerian Sun Newspaper

Nigerian Sun Newspaper was incorporated on March 29, 2001 to undertake the
business of printing and publishing.
The name says it all: The Sun – Nigeria’s King of the Tabloids. Here's The Sun's quote of itself; "The Sun therefore is a paper of human voices, capturing the unpredictable and unexpected rhythms of life and existence, the daily heartbeat of humanity in lucid and crisp prose."

Click here to read Nigerian Sun newspaper online

Nigerian Sun Newspaper

5. Nigerian Vanguard Newspaper

Nigerian Vanguard newspaper covers a whole range of news. It covers general news, national news, Politics, business, Sports and the Niger Delta news. Vanguard Newspaper was established by Sam Amuka-Pemu in 1984 and is published by Vanguard Media Limited.

Sam Amuka-Pemu is a past editor of Sunday Times and the First Managing Director of the Punch Newspaper. Click here to for Nigerian Vanguard Newspaper.

6. This Day Newspaper

This Day Newspaper is a popular Nigerian daily newspaper that is full colour and is now online covering breaking news with emphasis on political news. This Day Newspaper, was first published on January 22 1995 and quickly established itself as a premier newspaper of record.

In its first year of publication, it won the prestigious Newspaper of the Year award, which it retained for three consecutive Years. Click here to read ThisDay Newspaper.

7. Daily Champion Newspaper

Daily Champion is a prominent Nigerian Newspaper covering general news. Daily Champion newspaper offers insight into Nigerian businesses, politics, and a host of other issues.

It is a dynamic and independent source of news and information in Nigeria. Click here to read Daily champion newspaper.

8. Arewa Online Newspaper

Arewa Online is a Nigerian news site that relates to issues and news affecting Northern Nigeria. Arewa Online newspaper focuses on the needs of northern Nigeria and it's people.

A group of Nigerians in Canada are said to have established it with a mission is to foster and promote the northern spirit. Click here to read Arewa Nigerian Online newspaper.

9. The Tide Nigerian Newspaper

The Tide Online is a spectacular news site run by the Rivers State newspaper corporation. It is the regional newspaper of the Niger Delta in Nigeria. The paper is about the Niger Delta, Rivers State Government activities, business, environment, opinion, and sports among others. Click here to read the Tide Nigerian newspaper.

10. Financial Standard Newspaper

Financial Standard newspaper is a Nigerian financial newspaper, covering financial issues. Financial Standard Nigerian newspaper was first published in 1999.

It was formerly a weekly newspaper but is now published Monday through to Friday and circulates 60,000 copies covering News business, annual reports and all aspects of the economy. Click here to read Financial Standard.


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